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How long does a building report take?

How long does a building report take?

A typical enquiry and assessment would follow the steps below:

➤ Initial enquiry.

Details are confirmed and a time is arranged for a Redhawk engineer to attend site. Access is to be arranged by the client or agent. Short notice, same day inspections are sometimes available however is dependent on how busy the inspector is.

➤ Site Visit

The building inspector will carry out a detailed visual assessment and walk-around of the exterior and interior of the house, taking photos and notes. The average inspection and assessment takes approximately 1 hour . This varies depending on the size of the house.

➤ Reporting

The data gathered from the site visit is reviewed and we begin preparing the building report. Meanwhile, an invoice is sent to you to arrange payment. A comprehensive report is put in front of the queue and completed the same day as the inspection. The report is sent the same evening at around 9-10pm.

A standard report is typically completed and issued the following business day.

➤ Payment

Payment instructions are included in our invoices (we accept bank transfer & credit card). Proof of payment is required in full before the report is released.

➤ The final report is issued immediately after payment has been received, you will automatically receive the building report in PDF format via email.


Time for Standard Report

Time for Comprehensive Report

Initial Enquiry

15 mins

15 mins

Site Visit

1 hour

1-1.5 hours


12-24 hours

4-8 hours

Payment and Issue




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