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Structural Engineering Reports

Our specialist structural engineering inspection and report services provide our clients with expert advice in relation to structural stability. Our engineering reports are tailored specifically to your concerns.

Common examples include new or old alterations where load-bearing or bracing walls have been removed. Suspicious damage to structural elements such as beams or foundations. Structural advice on unconsented or unsafe structures. We also provide reports for those wanting to start a new project!

In most cases we can answer many of their questions with a visual site inspection combined with a review of any available information such as drawings.

How does it work?

A structural engineer will visit the property for visual inspection recording the necessary information. A "desktop study" is carried out where we review the data along with any drawings/photos available. A structural report is then prepared with our findings and recommendations based on what we observed.

What's next? I need it repaired.

We offer assistance with the detailed structural design and compliance pathways for B1-structure where clients wish to have a repair strategy executed. We carry out calculations, prepare remedial sketches for the builder and also provide construction monitoring services to ensure it is built in accordance with our recommendations.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a structural engineering report will vary depending on the scope involved. A basic condition assessment report by a structural engineer generally starts at $990 depending on the complexity and investigation required. This reflects the specialist knowledge required to navigate the extensive list of structural engineering building code requirements. For a better indication of price, please enquire through our email at or website booking form.

How long does it take?

On average, a structural condition assessment report takes about 5 working days from the date of inspection however it could be longer if there are many aspects or complex issues involved.

Why should I choose redhawk for my structural needs?

Our engineers are experienced in remedial work with prior experience in the insurance industry on both residential and commercial buildings. We provide safe, sound structural advice that is commonly well received by builders as highly practical and cost-effective.


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